This is a very good book, taking you through a journey of a portion of Rebecca’s life, and an unexpected ending (which to me), made it all even that much better.


I must have an old soul. Reading The Silent Land was absolutely magical, I could not put the book down, or stop thinking about it while I was at work.


A beautiful coming-of-age tale that starts just before WWI. A brilliant historical fiction that is well written, and emotionally grabbing. I loved this book, and highly recommend it  [READ MORE]

An interesting study of bereavement set pre- and post-WWI. A poignant tale through a woman's viewpoint throughout that won't scare the horses or male readers with an especially effective second half   [READ MORE]

Whilst undertaking research for his day job as a newspaper journalist, David Dunham realised that, for some reason, very little had been recorded about a British army regiment that had been, at the time, praised for having "saved the British Empire."  [READ MORE]



David Dunham, educated locally, and later working as a journalist at Worcester published his debut novel ‘The Silent Land’ earlier this year.   

David, now living in New Zealand, made contact via the Village Community Group website and sent me a copy for our History Group library, thinking we would enjoy it as much of his story is based in Hallow and Worcestershire.   Enjoy it I did.  It has been a long time since I read a book that I couldn’t put down and I felt quite bereft when I came to the end.   I could picture myself in the 1900s in all the places featured - Hallow Park, the Green, the Malverns, the village shop, walking along the river to Camp.  It really did transport me to an era and an area that I love.

The story begins in The Fens in 1903 with Rebecca, her mother’s diary and dreadful secrets within the family.   It touches on London society, moving onto Hallow where Rebecca falls in love, marries and becomes a mother. However, her happiness is soon overshadowed by the horrors of the Great War which inspired David to write his novel whilst researching the Worcestershire Regiment.  The battle of Gheluvelt and the terrible conditions Rebecca’s husband and millions like him had to endure are skilfully illustrated.   Back in Hallow Rebecca has to cope with rumour, incomplete and inaccurate newspaper reports, and this frustration soon sees her becoming involved as a nurse and facing young injured soldiers.

The book is factual and fictional. I found it nostalgic and informative, with sensitive love scenes and believable characters whom I soon got to know.  There is suspense to the end when the family secrets are revealed, which together with Rebecca’s tragic and heartrending loss brought me to tears.  The book is for sale on Amazon or you can download it for your Kindle.                            


The Silent Land. Such a sad story of a young woman – Rebecca Lawrence – from her young life through to her experience of love,marriage and death. Illness and war are such dreadful things to overcome. Great characters in this book.   [READ MORE]