The Crave Essay: Gatecrashing a wedding

Of course, we all wanted to go to the wedding.

All those other folk were going so it seemed only right that we went. It was, how can we put it, in everyone’s interest that we went and told you about it.

We weren’t invited, but that didn’t matter; we all knew he’ll understand, that he’s used to it. The ‘he’ is the groom. We didn’t need to dwell on the ‘she’ as she’s not as famous as him. We still wanted to see her though; she’s the bride and she was marrying him so we weren’t going to miss out and we didn’t want you to either.

We had a view of it all, kind of. We missed some parts; the walking down the aisle and the vows, and the kiss, and the smiles, and the confetti, and the patting of backs and shaking of hands, and the cutting of the cake, and the speeches and first dance, and those kind of things.

We, however, got something no one else got: a view from afar. And from afar is so very much in everyone’s interest, particularly when the white marquee is so white, and so distant, and so…. exclusive. And boy we were so excited to show you the marquee.

There were other happenings that day we could have told you about first, or gone on about a little bit longer, something that happened here or there, or wherever, but we didn’t think you’d want to know about any of that. And so many of you didn’t. You just wanted to gatecrash a wedding with us because he was getting married, and if he’s getting married you all want to see a white marquee and little else.

And so that’s what you got. A white marquee.

But heh, those other happenings elsewhere won’t mind. They won’t hold it against you. After all, it was him.