The Crave Essay: You’ll never have a today if you’re thinking about tomorrow

Welcome to Crave. Straighten your back for essay three. I won’t keep you long.

Today’s essay thought comes courtesy of the rolling digital sign above a gym that I saw on the way here (if you need a reminder, here is a cafe called Crave).

You’ve probably seen it before, perhaps over your gym, or a version of it. The sign told me this: You’ll never have a tomorrow if you’re thinking about yesterday. How kind of the sign to steer me away from yesterday and point me towards tomorrow. Screw you, yesterday, it’s all about tomorrow. Yay for tomorrow. Three cheers for tomorrow. All rise for tomorrow. Take ownership of tomorrow.

Mmm… you’re not quite sold on this, are you? I can sense it. I daresay it’s because this essay’s title referred to today, not yesterday. So let’s ditch yesterday and while we’re at it, let’s ditch tomorrow too.

Tomorrow ain’t going to happen. It isn’t coming. You’re not going to have one. There is no tomorrow. End of.

Tomorrow will never come for you because you’ll delay and delay, and procrastinate, and hide, but never seek. You’ll never seek what you need, what you really, really need, and that can only be found today. It’s that thing you want to do, that person you should speak to, that conversation that needs to be had. You know what it is. So why not try it?

It might just make tomorrow a little better.

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