The Crave Essay: The faint voice in your head

It’s 4am, which means I’m not in the cafe, I’m in the nook, but I have a plunger of coffee so all is right with the world (ish).

Today’s essay topic and title comes courtesy of Sarah in San Francisco. She asked me this (via Goodreads):

How do you know and what do you do when the faint voice in your head says, ‘It’s time to shelve this piece. Maybe indefinitely.’

My faint voice is sometimes too faint, and sometimes too loud. When I want a whisper it shouts and when I want it to shout, I get a whisper. Either way, it’s telling me to listen, to take notice, because something just ain’t right. That doesn’t mean it won’t come right in the future, but at this moment, ‘the piece’ needs to wait its turn; wait until you are ready to give it all you’ve got.

Now I know ‘give it all you’ve got’ is hackneyed and hollow, but I’m an advocate for the principle, and the principle goes thus: the story that you want to write, that thing you want to do, that trip you want to take, has been patient so if you’re going to bring it into your life, it is only fitting that you give it life.

Taking it out for a spin once in a while doesn’t cut the mustard. You may as well erase it and move on. But consider this: if the ‘piece’ came into your head and stayed there for a while, then there’s a reason for it. No one else may think there is, but that’s not the point here.

The point is that it belongs to you, so take good care of it. Put it to the back of the queue if needs be, but don’t leave it hanging too long, and don’t forget to thank your faint voice.

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