The Crave Essay: Don’t turn your socks the right way out

It’s mid-morning and it’s loud. Sitting in a popular cafe can get like that. But I don’t mind. I like it. Noise helps sometimes. And today is one of those times as it’ll remind me the clock is ticking and I need to talk to you about socks.

Now, if you’re not wearing a pair you’re excused from the table. Go play in your room. If you’re conscious though of the socks you put on this morning, then buckle up, you’ve got about 200 words to go.

You see, we’ve got something in common as I too am wearing a pair of socks today, just like I was yesterday and the day before and the day before, but not the day before that, for on that day (Wednesday, though it could have been Thursday) I turned my socks the right way out. Both of them.

Three seconds a sock. Six seconds a pair. Two times over (I went running), just as I’d done every day for the past twenty years or more.

That’s a whole lot of turning inside out of socks, and a whole lot of time spent doing so, around a minute or so a week, every week of the year for my entire adult life. If I make it to seventy-five I would have spent more than two days of my adulthood doing something so that I don’t feel uncomfortable when a stranger looks at my socks and questions if I’m either forgetful, lazy or eccentric. Two days. Two whole days on sock etiquette. What the…?

As these things do, it got me thinking about how else I waste time. Making the bed real nice is one. It’s not important. Leave the duvet hanging where it wants to hang. Ironing every shirt perfectly is another. Let the crease on the sleeve work itself out. In fact, give the crease some company and have a crease on the opposite sleeve. And what about conversations? Not the real ones. I’m talking about the ones we have in our heads that are ugly, delusional and downright lies. I waste time on these all the time. More than I’ve ever wasted on turning my socks inside out.

I’m working on it. I reckon you are too. Small steps can lead to giant strides, right? So how about you and me get to work on it at the same time.

Let’s start a revolution and I promise I won’t judge you on your socks. Good luck.

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