David Dunham is the author of The Silent Land, a novel set in England between 1903 and 1919 that explores the complexities of love and the pursuit of truth in grief.

He is presently writing The Legend of Caradoc, which is set in present day Cornwall and a fictional world known as The Kingdom. It is a work of fantasy that will appeal to young teenagers and adults who wish to take an adventure in their imagination from time to time.

David lives in New Zealand, where he was born, though from time to time can be found daydreaming about Worcestershire, England where he was raised, and in particular the Malvern Hills, which feature in The Silent Land.

He can also be found daydreaming about the Fens and Cornwall, his next cup of coffee or tea, fountain pens, good paper, old typewriters, Worcestershire Sauce, good chutney and the book that he will write after the one he is currently writing.

He is very approachable so please don’t hesitate to contact him on Twitter @ddunhamauthor or via Facebook.

He thanks you for stopping by and wishes you the very best of days.